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Any news about such implementation?

Changing scheduler settings with control panel.

Any example project how to retrieve image form file server?

Also, Mobotix can save images to its own internal SD card, would it be possible to retrieve images from it?


One more idea:

Would it be possible to retrieve, in example, last 4 images from mobotix camera and display them in i3 pro?

Just in case you miss the push notification and want to know who was visiting You.

Any solutions?

is there any possibility to join Your tests?
We have exhibition RESTA2017 in Lithuania upcoming. It is taking place at 26-29 of April.

It would be nice to have it functioning :)

thanks :)

Hello, I can't get remote calling working.

I have port 5061 forwarded,

I have port range 7078-8000

and 8100-9078 forwarded

(i need 100 reserved)

But i can't call mobotix doorphone.

I do receive calls, but cannot call it myself.

Where else could be the problem?

Works fine in local network...

While remote, i see that status from "on hook" changes to "trying", "dialing" and then returns to "on hook"

Hello, any news on documentation? :)

Or maybe You could send me the project, which worked, i would sort it out without documentation :)
Thanks :)