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Hello Jacky,

That was also the first thing that went trough my mind but it wasn't the solution.

Also tried it with disabled firewall and windows defender so nothing can stop the iridium execute, but still didn't worked.

I hope someone knows another solution for this problem.


however when i manually start the OSK and then minimize it, then it will pop-up with the execute(osk) command

ok thanks i didn't saw it was posted before

This is what comes out of that command:

I'm going to test it on monday. i'll then let you know if this was the problem (it propably shall be when i see your screenshot like this)

is it also allready possible to send video over the SIP protocol with the new API?

Ok i'll wait for the descriptions then.

The problem that i encounter is that i'm using an windows PC as an maincentral for intercom.

I don't get the audio from the windows pc now, in the log it is giving the next error: