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In this case, the API level that is implemented with us does not support working with this device.

We can manage this device if you request an API from the manufacturer and help us with the tests, since we do not have the necessary device.


Now we have the Onkyo AV Receiver module for the i3 lite product, could you please test its operation in i3 lite, because we are not sure that this is the same API level.

If the module works for you, we can discuss porting it to i3 Pro.

This contradicts the use of intercom modules - how can you understand that a call is ringing on the intercom?

If you need to display only the video stream, then you can use the Camera Wizard module.

Also, to use the module without SIP, you can enter dummy data and add the module to the project.


Doorbird devices do not have a built-in SIP server, so if you add only the device itself without entering SIP server data, you can only see the video stream and open the doors.

Sorry, I incorrectly described what you need to do, here are the correct steps:

You need to create 2 routines in the first:

- for "WHEN" use a motion sensor, event "No movement"

- in "DO" add a delay and closing the door

- in "BUT ONLY IF" condition that the door is open


- for "WHEN" use a motion sensor, event "Movement"

- in "DO" choose your first rotine and action for it "Stop rotine"

- in "BUT ONLY IF" condition that the door is open


In order to be implemented as you describe, you need to:

- for "WHEN" use a motion sensor, if it worked

- in "DO" add a delay and closing the door

- in "BUT ONLY IF" condition that the door is open

Then your condition will be triggered when the motion sensor has triggered and if the door is open, after the set delay the door will close.

We checked the project on HDL Enviro office equipment, could you clarify what specifically does not work for you?


We will check the project for errors and inform you.

I gave you the documentation about the project setup above.
To add light modules, you can read our wiki:


Fibaro is a script module, it means that you should configure all feedbacks via javascript.

Also fibaro is available as iridium lite module. And, as you know, you can use iridium lite modules in iridium pro panel projects