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It is about this that we formulated a request to the developers, how we can provide a detailed filter for visitors (there is no such module now).

The language division also turned out to be very important for our clients (we received complaints from local markets), there used to be one forum, but with different topics, and this turned out to be very inconvenient.

As you can see, we came to this situation in a completely deliberate way and now the issue of convenience can be solved only by changing the tool or in the hope that the third-party platform will continue to develop.

Yes, now it's clearer.

We have deliberately divided the forums by product and language. It was a big problem (and there were complaints from users) when I look for information on the i3pro product (for example, information about ONVIF cameras), and they show me a selection on i3ite or on an outdated i2control platform. Therefore, we made the search independent, and it only works within the forum in which you are located.

How would you recommend changing this to keep the search relevant to the product?

Hello Dennis

Your post was not deleted, it was under moderation.

I don't quite understand your search query. You created one forum and conducted a search in it, but this works great for us, or does it not?

Give an example, what do you want to find on our forum, but it does not show the result?

For this case, the best would be to use the JS template, as I described above. For simplicity, you can draw a popup template in the editor, but clone and define links later in the script. Then changing the popup in one place will automatically change the behavior in the entire project.