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We do not have a separate page for this equipment, you can use the general documentation

Добрый день!

На данный момент можно редактировать только существующие расписания, нельзя добавлять или удалять, но можно включать или выключать их.

Функционал продолжает развиваться и еще не предполагает полного решения, потому и нет в документации. Использовать можно, совместимость не пропадет, но рекомендовать это как решение, мы не можем.

Unfortunately, there is no such function in the iRidium server. The system supports cold backup of the project, but not the data that the server collects.

Under normal conditions, it is enough to protect the server with power (uninterrupted power supply) and not overload the database so that the server works stably and for a long enough time.

Not yet. We are checking the operation of the driver on real equipment at different sites and as soon as all issues are resolved we will publish the documentation for the driver.

No special settings. The correct  resolution only.

This can work on multiple monitors, already tested on real projects.

In which version of the studio did you check this?