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Have you tried our example? What features do not work?

1. This is an EXAMPLE implementation of a module for Sonos (working in 3.0): sonos.irpz

2. We will not develop sonos driver

3. We develop a way that the modules can be used as drivers

Is it clear now?

Theo, Sonos driver is presented only as an example (see below). Now we finish the deployment of storage modules (iRidium store), and then Let us about the integration of the data modules to maximally preserve the usual scheme of development through drivers. Goal: module == driver.
In summary: sonos driver will not be. Will the module, and it is not too fast. While that can be used in projects working example based on AV-driver.

This is an EXAMPLE implementation of a module for Sonos: sonos.irpz


Unfortunately, we currently do not offer this service, so any attempt to on the basis of an example, or wait for the HUE driver ...

In row 187 hue_driver.js color geting from color_picker and transform to HSV format for lamp

The key is similar to the right. You're in the line he was surrounded by braces?

HUE.HueUserID = "SWtjgSQMalbSTx7ypCIP-eSUIVwVOFCc2NWk9Qpx";

1. As written above, you can register a key in the code and no longer need to press the button on the hub.
2. This is just an example of HUE, we rework the code in the format of driver that can be used with any design.

Thank you for your efforts and assistance in finding errors!