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Hello Dennis

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I don't quite understand your search query. You created one forum and conducted a search in it, but this works great for us, or does it not?

Give an example, what do you want to find on our forum, but it does not show the result?

For this case, the best would be to use the JS template, as I described above. For simplicity, you can draw a popup template in the editor, but clone and define links later in the script. Then changing the popup in one place will automatically change the behavior in the entire project.

I really don't understand you ((

Create a separate project with the desired popup and draw your component. With a project merge, you can reuse it. If you need additional logic, then you can use the script, if not, then only the interface. You can copy as many of these items as you like.

What confuses you about this option? What is the main purpose of such components for you?

You can create all graphics from a script, i.e. you will have one JS file that you can update (modify) and a separate definition class (constructor) that will allow you to use this component in the right place.

This is impossible for the current architecture from the point of view of isolating such a component (if it is not written by us in native code) and it is basically impossible for C # in mobile applications (code must be compiled before execution).

Your task of reuse is completely solved by the JS script and the selection of a pop-up with elements in a separate project, which you can merge as needed.


You can create your own JS driver and reuse it in your projects. How does this differ from your definition of a component?

Good day!

This is a system setting and cannot be controlled from the application.

You've described an interesting use case, but why can't you put the app in "guide mode" forever? In this case, it will never sleep (only control of the screen backlight).