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Hi, it’s not entirely clear how you were able to create Schemes in a panel project?

Which version are you using? Can you show a screenshot?

Hello, it was released in version 1.3.12.


Of course you can use GHome in Spanish. We support this in the driver.


You have a very "clear" interface. I like your idea!

I think, the best solution is JS code for this case. You can try using different popups, but over wise you will use JS for the timer...

Hello, apparently no one has tried to do this.

Добрый день!

У нас нет данных о применении Иридиум в таких системах. Если у AST есть открытый API, то уверен, что возможно написание собственного драйвера на базе AV&Custom.

С нашей стороны таких планов на данный момент нет.