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An Alternative Clipsal CBus Driver for CGate

Jackie Roos 9 years ago in Products / C-Bus (Clipsal) updated by Oksana (expert) 9 years ago 1

JAMware has written a Clipsal CBus CGate Driver.

The driver is a fully functional driver with the following features:
  • Options of SITE licensing or DEVICE licensing
  • Free DEMO version - Download today
  • Full, free technical support
  • Multiple networks
  • Applications Supported
    • Lighting
    • Enable
    • Trigger
    • Feedback from Measurement Data
    • Feedback from HVAC (Thermostat)
This driver is in use in many large and small sites in New Zealand

Please Note:
The JAMware C-Gate driver requires an existing iRidium Pro License. This can be ANY iRidium Pro License, including the AV & Custom System Device License Pro and Pro Site licenses. Therefore you must also purchase an iRidium license through your iRidium mobile account as you normally would.

Pricing for the JAMware CBus CGate Driver (in addition to iRidium licenses)
  • SITE license $123.00 USD
  • DEVICE license $ 41.00 USD
If you are based in New Zealand, contact us for NZD pricing,

To Buy:
  1. Send your HWID's (for device licenses) or serial Numbers (for site licenses) to
  2. We return the sample project with the driver ready to merge into your project
If you have started your project with the demo, unlicensed driver, send us your project and we will send it back licensed - happy to sign NDA's if required New Zealand & International Version; or the - Australian Version

We also offer a full project-build Programming Service including options of

  • using your graphics and template or we provide graphics and template (see sample projects below)
  • 3D floor plans
  • scripting to add extra features
  • driver writing
Standard optional inclusions
  • Remote Access setup to allow your customer to access the project when off-site
  • URL updating of projects (no more site visits to update projects)
Pricing is dependent upon
  • Size of project (numer of controlled devices, light data points etc)
  • If graphics are provided
  • If template is provided
Sample Projects we have done
  • Sample project 1- Demo of a house plan, containing lighting, AV, security, camera, weather: Watch on YouTube
  • Sample project 2- Demo of a tabbed layout with a live project, containing lighting, AV, security, camera, weather. All changes in state are based on feedback from the devices: Watch on YouTube
To Get A Fixed Price Quotation:
  1. Download and fillout the Quotation Spreadsheet
  2. Download and complete the Non-disclosure agreement to protect your IP -
    1. Australian Version
    2. New Zealand & International Version
  3. Send the completed spreadsheet and NDA to
  4. We will give you a fixed price quote within 3 business days (New Zealand time, +13GMT)

Cbus shutter control

Damian Hartin 9 years ago in Products / C-Bus (Clipsal) updated by Olga (expert) 9 years ago 13
Is anyone able to give some pointers as to how I work with a CBus shutter control. Not sure of the button type/config I need.

Keeping the default settings from the CBus Cgate driver (as lighting app and immediate ramp) with a trigger button lets move the blinds in one direction only.

Have tried cloning the command and changing to on/off but wasn't able to get it working.

Olga (expert) 9 years ago
Dear Damian,

Please see the example of using the button here: CBusTestBed_iPhone (button).irpz
Commands are assigned to the button using Send Number. Then write a number depending on the button function (Up = 255).

If you want to control from 1 button, then you have to use scripts. Please describe in details what you want to get from the button (for example, what will happen to the button if you click on the it in iRidium - your curtains go up and then you strop them using the wall panel, not the interface. In what sequence should the commands be sent when clicking Up/Down/Stop? etc.)

Sincerely yours,

Olga Ermakova
iRidium mobile Team

C-Bus Load Completed Event

Damian Hartin 9 years ago in Products / C-Bus (Clipsal) updated 9 years ago 3
Could someone please let me know what the event I should be listening for once C-Bus has finished loading?

I want to run some script post the connection to CBus so I can display a "percentage of lights on" label.

Olga (expert) 9 years ago
Dear Damian,

If you need the event which will be activated when after the application start all feedback from C-Bus is received, then we don't have such event.
If you need the event of when the driver connected to the equipment (EVENT_ONLINE), then it doesn't work for the C-Bus driver.
We can recommend you to set up delay after the application start and then monitor the Online token (see the project in the attachment). The delay has to be selected individually for your installation after checking in the log when the last feedback from the equipment comes.
C-Bus SetInterval Status.irpz

Sincerely yours,

Olga Ermakova
iRidium mobile Team