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PC with My Program and Hercules:


Listen port: 11080

IP Host: ("i3Pro" PC)

Port Host: 11081

Communication: from _Dinamic Port_ (My program open a free random port each time i send a packet, after send the program close it) to _Port Host_

PC with i3Pro:


Listen port: 11081

IP Host: ("My Program" PC)

Port Host: 11080

Communication: from _Listen port_ to _Port Host_

As You can see on Wireshark File, i3Pro PC recevie all 2 packet (from my program and from Hercules), but iRidium Driver receive only packet sended from Hercules.

The difference is only one: Sender Port, random on my program and Listen port on Hercules.

So...Why now I can't use an different sender port to communicate with iRidium Driver?

Hi Dmitry,

My Customer try new project on your system. Nothing is change.

He can send command but can't receive the feedback.

I do more test on office and I find a possible cause.

Hercules send packet from local port (11080) to remote port (11081) and it work (same iridium).

My application send packet from free port (dinamically) to remote port (11081) and iridium not recieve it.

(see wireshark packet UDPServer.pcapng).

I can't understand: how can I send an packet from same port that I need open with listener socket?

Why iRidium not receive packet from different port?

yes, "Hercules PC" have ip and "i3Pro PC" have

I try only comunication from "Hercules PC" and "i3Pro PC".

i not send command from "i3Pro PC" in this test, so I think that ip address on driver is not important.

Now i change the address on driver (in any case i use the broadcast address to send command from Hercules to i3Pro) and work.

I check the parameter on customer project and now I wait the result of him test.

On Same PC: I send "test" from Hercules to i3Pro with success, but Wireshark not captured it (same with broadcast address).

With Two PC: I send "22/03/2017 - 08:43 > test" from "Hercules PC" to "i3Pro PC" without success, but Wireshark captured it (same with broadcast address).

More, on old i3Pro (and i2 Control) I can use same port as remote and local port (in my case 49080) to send and receive packet. With new version of i3Pro, i can't.

PC with i3Pro:

PC with Hercules:

Also I try with broadcast address

Hi Dmitry,

i try with "Hercules" on same pc with emulator and it work, but I can't see packet on network (with wireshark).

But when i use "Hercules" on different pc on the network, i can see packet with wireshark but not on emulator.

i try disable windows firewall, but nothing change.

Hello Dmitry,

with last update (Studio and Client 1.1.2), i have still the problem.

I use same "Test_Project" that you can find on old post, but i insert the Local Port (same of Port).

Can you check if UDP Driver work correctly on new version?

Correct. it's a example of use the server.

But I not understand why, if i do a swipe on this page, the "L" light dimming (up with swipe from bottom to top, and down with swipe from top to bottom).

Only this page.

blue icon mean that the panel need update the project

green icon mean that the panel have updated project

red icon mean that an error occurred while updating (read the bottom log to more info)

click on bottom left. all the page have an hidden bottom here