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Hi Dmitry,

have you a news?

Sorry Ilya, i not receive any notification from skype.

What is your skype name?

Good day Ilya.

Yes i can open team viewer for connection.

Contact me on skype.

Hello Dmitry.

I fix the physical address with the help of Weinzierl.

Thank you for your support.

Hi Dmitry,




Now i create an dedicated LAN for test and i not use filter during capture.

I try with:

- i3Pro 1.1.7 emulator with your SIP.irpz (Tablet)

- PBX: myPBX soho with 3 FXS and 1 FXO

- Analog phone connected on FXS port

- Simple 5-Port Switch to connect PC and PBX

i3Pro and Wireshark are run on same PC

Hello Ilya.

Yes, i do all on my project (and on test project attached on old message).

I not set all "read" flag because not all group address need answer on read telegram, but importer not work with all object (with or without "read" flag set)

Hi Dmitry.

I have 4 server, each connected with one different IP730. All IP730 is on same KNX line (0.0).

But all server send telegram on KNX bus as 15.15.250. This create an conflict on bus and sometimes iRidium KNX driver restart.

On iRidium Server 1.1.7, driver for KNX IP Router not have the "Physical Address" parameter.

More, Physical Address is write with '.' (dot) and not with '/' (forward slash).

Sorry Dmitry,

you not understand.

the server port not change, but change the sender port.

for example:

iridium listner on port X

iridium send from port X to port Y

MyProgram listner on port Y

MyProgram send from random port _TO_ port X

My program _not_ send to random port on iridium.

And, yes, my program work with hercules.

iRidium ignore all packet received on listen port that client sender port is different of sender port set on iridium driver.

Hi Dmitry,

I use iRidium Server on Windows 10 PC, and i not have this option on driver.

But I have 4 Server on my project, so i can't have all with same address.

Hello Aleksandr,

No, the problem isn't solved on iRidium.

But I change my program for work same iRidium driver.