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Have you try with 1bit or 1byte? This datatype works on iRidium feedback when i send it from ets. So, why 2bit not work?


But with this change, the connection stay up?

During the registration phase, this code not disconnect the client?

1. iRidium establishes the connection with server

2. iRidium try to registrate on server

3. iRidium script catch a "status" change with value "Registration..."

4. iRidium script disconnect the client

5. iRidium script try a new connection

6. Go to point 1

Hi Dmitry,

Have you some news?

Hi Dmitry,

Have you some news?

Hi Dmitry,

yes, our firewall ignore ping request, but sip server is available.

try request on port udp 55060. i can connect from my phone (without wifi), i use zoiper softphone for test it

Hi Dmitry,

Sorry, but we have some problem with our connection.

I not change our firewall settings and the device is still connected.

In this moment the sip server is available.

Hi Dmitry,

i reconnect sip server.

Hi Dmitry,

no, server isn't connect. I out of office today. Tomorrow i back to the office and reconnect it.

Hi Dmitry,

finally i can do a test with last version (1.2.1).

I have still the issue.

on Last call, iridium not answer and hide the popup.

on other call, iridium answer but show "codec not found" message.


Unfortunately i not have one ip interface on office. But i try with ip baos 777 without any configuration (only IP Address).

iRidium connect to it with IP Router driver (on port 3671) and can send 2 bits command (i can see telegram on ETS Group Monitor), so driver work.

You can send 2 bits telegram from ETS and see if iRidium receive it.