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Now makes it possible to edit a module name. Hopefully this will solve the problem.

Oh, I see! But we have a situation in the example are not considered to make a composite device (sonos + subwoofer). You may have to develop a solution for such an option.

Artur, I do not understand. Example works, but does not work? How do you add a sub?

В стиле есть только один шрифт (+ bold, lite). Соответственно, выбирать не из чего. Размер так же определяется стилем и сеткой верстки.

Оставлю на голосовании.

Paulo, of course you can change the design. Dates I am ready I will announce only the end of August ...

Have you tried our example? What features do not work?

1. This is an EXAMPLE implementation of a module for Sonos (working in 3.0): sonos.irpz

2. We will not develop sonos driver

3. We develop a way that the modules can be used as drivers

Is it clear now?

Theo, Sonos driver is presented only as an example (see below). Now we finish the deployment of storage modules (iRidium store), and then Let us about the integration of the data modules to maximally preserve the usual scheme of development through drivers. Goal: module == driver.
In summary: sonos driver will not be. Will the module, and it is not too fast. While that can be used in projects working example based on AV-driver.