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Дизайн первой страницы в верстке (там заложена схожая с Вашей, идея), обновим в следующих версиях

"Info" in the development (in the version on 01.08.16).

Saving the project is implemented, but in the current test version is not available, because It was considered inconvenient. We guarantee an appearance in version on 01.08.16.

Which does not change the name of the widget? If you click on the name of the string, it can be edited.

We offer the following solution:
When you select a module name appears "info" icon, when clicked, which seem module settings window. It quickly realizable and allow orient when setting up. This will help resolve your issue now? Module renaming option queued tasks.

Thank you for feedback. We have a version of the solution - tomorrow will present for your consideration

This is an EXAMPLE implementation of a module for Sonos: sonos.irpz


Unfortunately, we currently do not offer this service, so any attempt to on the basis of an example, or wait for the HUE driver ...

In row 187 hue_driver.js color geting from color_picker and transform to HSV format for lamp