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I do not understand. You can note the image below? Or explain what decision would help to solve your problem (how to do it comfortably)?

We can change name device and name widget (mark red line)

We have tried to enter with your login - access point configuration menu, and adding modules. Check that you have the latest version of the application.

Try it now, you will have access

I checked your status if contato*** login, all should work, or you are using a different username?

Log on to the Web site to your account and check their status in the profile. You need to have a full registration.

It's weird, because it has been tested and works well. You have a stable internet connection? Native application successfully looking for a radio station?

The latest version mode entered installer and end user. If you are authorized under the account of the installer (registered and approved via the website), then you change the project is available. The end-user mode, you can only use the project, but not change it.

I do not understand. If you select "Add widget" that shows the window with module option, the widget you want to add. To add a module has "Add Module." What you can not?