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Theo! Yes, for the server it is quite logical to recommend the necessary software. According to statistics, Chrome - a browser number one, so we are doing tests on it. If does not work on Chrome - it's a bug, otherwise "we recommend using Chrome". You can use IE, Opera and Firefox etc., but we do not guarantee correct operation. Not now.

Theo, we recommend using Chrome, in which time setting does not cause errors. In the near future we will add the text of the recommended software on the server page

Sorry, but new challenges too, and they are not only from the forum. Voting definitely affects the development plan, but can not guarantee priority. Please participate in the poll, it is beneficial for you and for us.

The task remains in the plans in January to a low priority

If the panel is turned off, the system will "kill" the process and it will never respond to a command. Your script can now be realized by setting screen brightness to 0%, and when you receive a call smoothly raise the brightness to the previous value.

Вы работаете с i3 Pro, не с v2.2?? Проверили - метод работает. Как Вы создаете лист?

item.GetState(0).FillColor = 0xRRGGBBAA;

You can test this example, it is possible for all of your devices will work. Pay attention to the display UID with different iPad - we have some beacons were defined differently.

iBeacon Scanner.irpz iBeacon Module.irpz

Создание девайса:
IR.CreateDevice(IR.DEVICE_IRIDIUM_TCP, "Server", "", 30464);