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program remoteserver in i3 pro with module HDL

feri setiawan 11 месяцев назад в Tips and Tricks • обновлен 11 месяцев назад 4

help me 

do you have tutorial i3 pro from newbie to expert please i want learn program i3pro how to control lamp by internet?because script code for connection internet not same with i2 control v2.2...-_-"



Paolo Scarpetta 11 месяцев назад в Tips and Tricks • обновлен serenko.a 4 недели назад 10

Can I use iridium client on a PC with multiple monitors? The idea is to show a page of the project in each monitor.


Trigger popups on tag value changing

Iain Brew 12 месяцев назад в Tips and Tricks • обновлен 9 месяцев назад 13

I have been teaching myself building server projects using tags and having a good time. I want to step up to the next level and achieve the following:

If a server tag (example) has a particular value written to it (either a text string or number), I want to then trigger a popup to open or close. i.e.

If server tag "example" = x


open/close popup/page "name_of_popup"

I have looked more into the Javascript thing (i.e. using a tag like a feedback channel) but I am a bit stuck with this element. An advice would be appreciated! The rationale behind this is for multi-control panel projects. If i shut down the system on one control, I want the other controls to also show the 'shut down' screen.


Set interval between functions

Leandro Augusto 12 месяцев назад в Tips and Tricks • обновлен Ilya Markov (expert) 12 месяцев назад 1

I have two functions: functionA() and functionB(). In my script I need to execute functionA() first, after some seconds I need to execute functionB. How can I set an interval between two actions?

JS script

logarithmic level curves

Paul van Boven 12 месяцев назад в Tips and Tricks • обновлен 12 месяцев назад 12


Something I really miss are logarithmic curves for levels.

When I use a fader to control the lights, often you want more precision in the lower values.

So when you got a logarithmic curve, it's work so much beter.

Is this something whats planned for the future, or is there a way to make a level work logarithmic?

My regards,

Paul van Boven


Сomments under the modules in store

Vladimir Bykov 12 месяцев назад в Tips and Tricks • обновлен Ilya Markov (expert) 12 месяцев назад 1

In the store users can leave comments under the modules. Are they mailing to developers?


Without Internet

Paolo Scarpetta 1 год назад в Tips and Tricks • обновлен Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 9 месяцев назад 5

I don´t have Internet in the building where I must use the IRIDIUM, Can I download and license the server and I3 pro client with any other way?


Main and Sub-Server communication possible?

Martin Lang 1 год назад в Tips and Tricks • обновлен Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 12 месяцев назад 1


for a touring project we need the ability to remotely control a some devices via a UDP command.

But theres no change to get them all together in a seperate LAN, so the idea came up to use one iRidium Server at the company office working as a "Command"-Server. And using additional iRidium Servers with each device that needs to get an UDP command, and that connected via the Internet.

Here's a schematic picture:

The number on the "Sub Servers" is not constant. So, the plan was to make 1 Sub-Server project that connects to the Main-Server. Is this a possible scenario? And, how to setup the Main iRidium Server to be connected by all of these Sub Servers?

The goal is that a iRidium Client that is connected to the Main iRidium Server (iPad) has a simple Interface and can trigger a Remote-Command to the Main-Server. Then the command should be sent out to all the Sub Servers, and they should send out that command via UDP to a connected MediaPlayer.




Открыть плейер Sonos по имени

Sergey (expert) 3 года назад в Tips and Tricks • обновлен Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 12 месяцев назад 1
Запустить управление плейером Sonos, выбрав его по имени при переходе к управлению, можно с помощью измененного скрипта (замените его в JS модуле Sonos):

Используйте приведенный метод для обращения к плееру по имени группы в которой он находится:
Если группа не найдена, то другая выбрана не будет
Код метода:
function SelectGroupByName(name) { 
    // если групп нет выходим 
    if(groups.length == 0) { 
        debug('groups.length == 0'); return; 
    // ищем id группы по имени 
    var index; 
    for (var i = 0; i < groups.length; i++) { 
        if(groups[i].name == name) { 
            index = i;
    // если группу не найдем - выходим 
    if(index == undefined){ return; } 
    // подсветка 
    // отображение
    group = groups[index]; 
    // повторная подписка для получения актуального состояния плейера
    ToggleOpenVolumeGroup(group.members.length > 0); 

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