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Access rights to users

Deepak 5 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 5 months ago 1

Can we set up access rights for each user so they only see certain rooms / devices etc? I was told this is not possible but its on the works. any idea when this might happen?



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Complete Button in JS

Paulo de Almeida 10 months ago • updated by Wouter van der Post 3 months ago 7


I want to allocate all variables  via JS script to a button. OnPress Event, a Delay, a Feedback Relation. Everything I have now set up via the non script way I want to remove and have the button completely controlled via JS...

I can’t seem to find in the documents the commands to allocate feedback via JS to a button


Bacnet in Iridium Lite

David Lagos 7 months ago • updated 7 months ago 2
Searching answer

teamviewer and i3pro

Paul van Boven 1 year ago • updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 1 year ago 48


I have got the following issue.

When I have a windows panel and a fullscreen project, most of the time I can't see the project (blackscreen or the loadingscreen) when I logged in to with teamviewer. Sometimes after switching the windows by start menu, back to i3pro a number of times I will get the image right. And I can see the project.

my regards'

Paul van Boven


Open Photo Gallery and receive an image

zaifulbahri kasim 2 days ago • updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov yesterday at 3:18 a.m. 7


I'm trying to use "IR.EVENT_RECEIVE_PHOTO_FROM_GALLERY" event to let the user install his own images ..
that's my code  :

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_ITEM_PRESS, IR.GetPopup("Popup 1").GetItem("Item 1"), function(){
      if(IR.OpenPhotoGallery()) {
           IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_RECEIVE_PHOTO_FROM_GALLERY, 1, function(filename, filepath)  {
                IR.Log("Photo selected.\n Filename: " + filename + "\n Filepath: " + filepath);
               IR.GetPopup("Popup 1").GetItem("img").GetState(0).Image = filename; 
               IR.GetPopup("Popup 1").GetItem("img").GetState(0).ImageStretch = 1 ;

I did open the gallery and choose a photo,
And I suppose to get those arguments from that event :
the filename which is the photo name and filepath which is the path for my photo.
But what i really got is a standard name for any photo I choose which is image.png and standard path to the project folder : iRidium pro documents\Client\"ProjectName"\images\Image.png
I got those result every time i choose a photo , and it stores one image only

What should I do to make iridium store the received photos with their original names and  how could store more than one ??

And Regarding the IR.Camera method is it only for live streaming videos or can the user took photos and store it ??

Appreciate your help 


Adding a delay in Javascript

Iain Brew 6 days ago • updated 4 days ago 3

I am using Javascript to trigger a sequence of events in response to a button press. This is working well, however sometimes commands are skipped as I am not putting in delays. In the GUI side of iRidium this is easy by clicking on Delay and adding an 'ms' value. I have read through the documentation and haven't found how iRidium defines the equivalent when using JS/iRidium script i.e. IR.Delay = 300ms for example.

What is the best way to insert a JS delay?

IR.GetDevice("FMHS-ALERTSPKR-01").Set("Lab1_Alert_Playlist", ""),
IR.GetDevice("FMHS-ALERTSPKR-01").Set("play_sound", ""),
IR.GetDevice("FMHS-ALERTSPKR-02").Set("Lab1_Alert_Playlist", ""),
IR.GetDevice("FMHS-ALERTSPKR-02").Set("play_sound", ""),
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Taking parsed JSON and putting it into a Project Variable

Iain Brew 6 days ago • updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 4 days ago 1

With thanks to this forum, I have been able to solve many issues with my current project. I have everything working perfectly now (using Philips Hue Dimmer switches to trigger various events/drivers etc in my system) however the only thing left which is stumping me is the ability to take a requested and parsed JSON value and have it written to a Server Channel/Tag:

//Get "temperature" number from motion sensor
            // SENSOR 2 TEMPERATURE
            var getTemperature = sensor2.state["temperature"];
            var tempreadout2 = getTemperature.toString();
            tempreadout2 = tempreadout2.slice(0,2) + "." + tempreadout2.charAt(2) + " ºC";
            IR.SetVariable("Server.Tags.Lab1_Temperature", "tempreadout2");

Here I request the temperature from a Philips Motion Sensor. When testing this on a panel project, I was able to send 'tempreadout2' to a text field and it worked. Instead, I want to send this to a Server Tag (named Lab1_Temperature) so that it can appear on any control panel subscribed to that feedback channel. 

What is the best way to 'insert' that text?

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Install fails on windows 7 embedded

Kenny Stoepel 1 month ago • updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 1 month ago 1

I cant install iridium 1.3.3. x or later to a win 7 embedded display. 

Install is succesfull when reverting back to error.jfif

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How to send email to multiple addresses?

Luka 2 months ago • updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 2 months ago 5

I'm using this script and it works for 1 email, but how do i send the same email to more than 1 address??

function try_to_send () 
send_email("Smart Home", "from@gmail.com", "pass", "to@gmail.com", "TEST email", "xxxxxx content xxx")
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How to play sound on panel when received a specific feedback?

Luka 2 months ago • updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 2 months ago 1

I've tried with this, but i don't even know if it's the right way:

IR.SetGlobalListener(IR.EVENT_GLOBAL_TAG_CHANGE, function(name, value)
if(value == 100){
IR.SubscribeTagChange("UI.ROOM1_Light Trigger (1) 2.Item 3");