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Access rights to users

Deepak 2 years ago updated by Pepijn Albers | TechMo 1 week ago 7

Can we set up access rights for each user so they only see certain rooms / devices etc? I was told this is not possible but its on the works. any idea when this might happen?




Smooth regulation

Andrey S 1 year ago updated by AlejandroG 1 year ago 2

For some devices, a delay is required before sending a value for the Move Event (Level Item).

Not for position of slider, only for value of Level item. (UI.Page 1.Level Item 1.Value)

The device (or driver) receives too many request and does not have time to complete them.

In other words, this is a new property for Level (.DelayBetweenSetValue = 100 ms).

For example: this is required for Lutron native driver if you add send Value for Move event.

Smooth regulation is work clear in the Lutron application.

It also requires locking of setting feedbacks Level value during adjustment itself. (.AnimationBusy = 1).

In animation shows level twitching during regulation.

Under review

Complete Button in JS

Paulo de Almeida 3 years ago updated by anonymous 2 years ago 7


I want to allocate all variables  via JS script to a button. OnPress Event, a Delay, a Feedback Relation. Everything I have now set up via the non script way I want to remove and have the button completely controlled via JS...

I can’t seem to find in the documents the commands to allocate feedback via JS to a button

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Open config file

EASTim 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

Hi all,

Is it possible to open a self made config file and read the content to configure the layout.

I would like to create a JSON (I found that it's possible to work with JSON) with all room info (names, light load names, ...) And process this to the layout. If possible also configure list lengths.

I could not find this on the forum or documentation.

Thanks in advance.

Will be answered


Lechu 2 years ago updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 2 years ago 2

Hi iRidium!

I'm still waiting for scheduler function (time programs) with easy editable form on panel. What about this function? you are adding many news but this is basic functionality. How do you solve it? 


Bacnet in Iridium Lite

David Lagos 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2
Under review

Очистить историю графиков на сервере

Евгений Лешкив 3 years ago updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 3

Добрый день!

Очистить историю одного или нескольких графиков

Необходимо очистить историю одного или нескольких графиков при этом сохранив данные остальных трендов. Это необходимо в случае, когда типы данных были настроены не верно, поэтому сервер хранит заоблачные (например, е*14) или просто неверные данные.

Можно это делать через веб-интерфейс, либо скриптом

Under review

How call external apliccation in Win10 from i3pro?

Maciej Walentowski 3 days ago updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 2 days ago 1

How call external apliccation in Win10 from i3pro?

Under review

Is there a method to install i3Pro Client for all users?

Mike Slattery 5 days ago updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 3 days ago 3

Is there a method to install i3Pro Client for all users. A lot of programs have a method to install for all users. I installed i3Pro Client as the administrator and works fine but all other users with different accounts cannot run i3Pro. I think this is because i3Pro client folder is not in public documents. Maybe there is a work around.


What has happened to the standard HDL Scanner?

akrano 2 weeks ago updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 2 weeks ago 7

I cant find the HDL scanner in the shop, and I really need it to add my devices.
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