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SIP i3pro beta properties of driver

Benno Evers 3 years ago in Products / Other drivers • updated by Oksana (expert) 3 years ago 4

In iOS testflight version of i3 control there are a lot of properties in the SIP device which aren't available in iRidium studio (or at least not visible in project device tree) do these properties work, or are they prepared for the future?

Oksana (expert) 3 years ago

Hello Benno and Theo,

Yes, we never stop to improve our app. Beta test is voluntary test and we not only thank all members, but we give a license for active members. If you don't want to spend your time with interim version, I advise you to wait a release version.


Domintell Site License

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 3 years ago in Products / Other drivers • updated 2 years ago 4
Why there is still no Site-License for Domintell available?

Now, installers have to buy a FULL site license if they want to use iRidium moblie on several panels.

Please create a Site License for Domintell.