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New Level type - Round

Nikolay Rusanov 9 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 7 years ago 27
Round Levels! with appearance of (again) nest they are loved by everybody: http://lh5.ggpht.com/-Zc95p72H8cI/UPO...e_app2.jpg

besides vertical and horizontal we need to have round
Waiting for user's reply

Onvif-protocol for easy setup of IP-camera’s

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 9 years ago in Products / Other drivers updated by Dennis Piet 3 years ago 32
Installers that are working in security-industry are asking us: is it possible to implement the Onvif-protocol for easy setup of IP-camera’s etc?

Please see www.onvif.org (http://www.onvif.org)

Blur effect

Эмиль Боев 9 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated by Dmitry Ryzhkov 8 years ago 5
It would be nice to have ability to apply blur effect to separate UT Item and/or whole popup.
Like that:

Image 8363


Siri & i3Pro

Иван Демидкин 8 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 8 years ago 1 1 duplicate

Добрый день.

Читал в новостях, что Apple на презентации ios10, сказала, что API Siri будут открыты для разработчиков.

Скажите, планируется ли использовать Siri в качестве голосового управления Iridium? Учитывай, что Siri может откликаться по фразе "Привет Siri" данная функция могла бы стать очень полезной.


Free form of the button area or working Active Touch

Oleg Starikov 9 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated by Oksana (expert) 8 years ago 2

Is it possible to draw free area of the "button" in the version 3.X .

Example of application: take a photo of a real-life automation site as background and outline required zones (for example, TV on the wall - it is not always frontal projection for rectangles).


For administrator: make the settings of the items Hit = Active Touch workable


Apple TV

Nikolay Rusanov 9 years ago in Products / Other drivers updated by Dmitry Ryzhkov 8 years ago 20
Driver for Apple TV

External JS Editor

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 10 years ago in iRidium Script updated by crabicode 8 years ago 5
More and more installers / system-integrators are asking us for External Javascript Editors. Like IDE-A/Intellij (http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/) or Eclipse (free, see http://www.eclipse.org/ide/).


It is bug-free
It is including with all functionality professional Javascript programmers want
It saved iRidium developers much time, so they can spent time for other important tasks
It is for free

With using JAR-files (libraries) iRidium-programmers can implement these tools, and it's very comfortable for Javascript programmers!


Please reply if you want this functionality!


IF, THEN, AND, OR... condtions and math operations in GUI Editor

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 9 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) updated by Lance Price 8 years ago 3

Installers need regular expressions in the GUI Editor. Examples: IF... THEN, IF ... AND ... DO ....; value 1 + value 2 = value 3, etc.

We need this, so prevent installers using Javascript to make simple logical functions with values, commands etc.

Please vote for this idea when you agree with me!




"Stamp" tool

Ekaterina (head of support) 9 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) updated by Dmitry Shulgin 8 years ago 4


  • a button in the Editor control panel, that activates a mode that copies visual settings (States) of a selected item onto any other items. Stamp make all items look similar in one click. The tool saves settings of all states of the sample-item and copies them on the recepient item. If the recepient has fewer stares, new ones are not added. If the recepinet has more states, extra states don't change their looks.


  • Select [ stamp ] toll on the Editor tools panel, press and hold ctrl and click on one of the items of a project. Now this items is sample-item.
  • Point the cursor on another item, click on it (option: click with held Alt) and visual settings of a graphical item are changed according to the sample-item.
  • [ stamp] [ \/ ] - when an arrow netx to the tool is pressed, dropdown menu shows a list of parameters for copying: size, color,opasity, alfa, text, font size, image, icon, etc. Put ticks next to the parameters that are to be copied.

Needed: scalable vector Graphics

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 9 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated by Kenny Stoepel 7 years ago 3


in the past we asked several times for the possibility to use Scalable Vector Graphics images (.SVG-files). Now we see, these requests don't exist any more on the forum.

But we also see, it's still not possible to use .SVG-files in the Gallery in the GUI Editor...

Please add this feature in the software, many installers asked this in the past!