Logging on Mac

There is no a way to access the log window like in the Windows you would press the F4 key.
iRidium log not implemented for Mac. You can use only Remote Debugging.

Stopped, cannot unpack file to...

If you got an error when tried to use i2 Control V2.2 with Mac (Mac book):

Image 7130

- Follow the path indicated at the client error and delete everything from the catalog:

if it doesn't help:

- Press on F8 and open the system menu. There you should indicate:
Host - IP-address of your PC with Transfer
Update Now: Yes
After that in the Transfer log you will see the error with UDID of your Мас.
Copy UDID, press on the Add Panel button in the list of panels in Transfer - add your Mac by the received UDID. Then open the system menu on iRidium App - press Update Now: Yes, Apply