If HWID on Windows keeps changing: RAID array

it happens because you use RAID massive of HDD disks on your PC, that’s why a new HWID is generated very time, please switch off this mode. And please check if you launch iRidium under the administrator rights.

It will be fixed in future

If the "Search" function for panels doesn't work

The search system in Transfer can have problems because of different reasons. Most likely it is because of the anti-virus or problems with network settings (Transfer and your control panel are in different IP subnetworks). See more information here.

If upload of project on the control panel doesn't work

Sometimes, even if the Search function in Transfer works, you can face problems with uploading projects on your panel: the upload doesn't start or the project is not updated. See information about how to solve these problems here.

How many designs can be uploaded on one control device?

The Multi-design function in Transfer enables upload of several designs on one device at a time (the number of designs is limited only by the available memory of the panel). By default the Multi-design function is not activated and only one design can be uploaded on the device. It substitutes the previous one.

How to update the project via the Internet

iRidium supports project update on the control panel via the Internet. It is possible to indicate the static IP-address or the domain name when using the DynDNS service. See more information here.

No drag&drop license files and projects to Transfer

in Windows7 it was possible to drag & drop license files and project files to the Transer.
But this is not possible at this moment in Windows8. Using administrator account doesn't help.
This bug will be fixed

"Unknown file format" when adding project on iridium transfer

If you got an error message "Unknown file format"  when you add your project to Transfer, it means

a. the project was converted incorrectly. Such error occurs when the converter is outdated or the project contain the corrupted section.

b. The project path includes some hieroglyphics or not standard symbols

First of all you need to update iRidium components on your PC. If it does not help, save the project to another directory, for example C:/project.irpz.

Or send your project to iRidium Support Team, we will find the solution.