If the initialization of panel takes much time (about 5 minutes)

The AMX controller is an NI-3100. The initialization takes about 5 minutes (give or take). The interface hangs first and then starts to receive all statuses at once. After the initialization everything works OK
The problem was the Intercom Module.
Remove the iPad running the iRidium from the intercom and it no longer freeze at startup
iRidium doesn't support an AMX intercom.

Support for TP5

TP5 projects will be supported at the future.
Time limit for it create  is undefined now.

Multiple AMX processor licensing

If you have a system with two or more AMX processors ...

This system should work with two processor with different system number, even if they are on the same network. You can make the Site license work with both processors.

- If you have two panels, each of which connects to its own controller, then you will need 2 Site licenses (one for each processor). The panel connects to the licensed controller (by its IP), checks its serial number and works.

- If you have to set two panels connected to both processors at the same time, you cannot do it with TP4, but CAN do it with iRidium GUIEditor. The project configured to work with 2 processors need only one Site license (for one processor), the second one will work automaticly when the firstworks.

- If you just need a Device License then it doesn't matter what controller it connects to. The Device license is assigned to the ID of the control panel it works on.

Switching between Wi-Fi and 3G for AMX

iRidium panels can connect to the АМХ controller in the local network or via the Internet. For switching between Wi-Fi (local network) and 3G (Internet, remote connection) it is required to create buttons which will initiate change of the connection settings. At that two variants are possible:

1. If the project is created in TPDesign4, then for changing the connection settings you should use the command which is formed in TPDesign4 (Button Command Output) or can be sent to iRidium panels from the АМХ controller:

Syntax of the command for switching properties in TPDesign4: IR_PARAMETERS-<host>,<port>,<login>,<password>,<panel_id>

2. If the project is created in iRidium GUI Editor then for changing the connection settings you can use the iRidium Script command which is formed in the Script Editor tab of iRidium GUI Editor.
Syntax of the command for switching properties in iRidium GUI Editor:

IR.GetDevice("AMX").SetParameters({Host: "<host>", Port: "<port>", DeviceID: "<panel_id>",
Login: "<login>", Password: "<password>"});

You can read more about it here

Sending AMX commands (push/hold/release/string/command) from JS Code

Please try this project describes how to send an AMX specific commands from JS Code