How to close the fullscreen client on windows pc

Use a combination of these keys: Alt+F4

An other (more beautifull) solution is to make a button. Then make an "On Press" command to this button, and select Exit as the command to execute when the user press it. See the example:


How to update iRIdium client on Touch PCs?

When iRidium client (Windows App) is running on Touch PC's etc, there is no possibility to update the client to the lastest version automatically.You have to upload a new verdion of client from the web-site and a new version GUI from remote Transfer or by the TRL or QR-code,

How to debug iRidium on Windows

iRidium Log is a window where information about iRidium work, error messages and iRidium Script logs
IR.Log ("message"); 
are output in the text format.

To open the iRidium log in Windows, click F4.