If I lost or damaged my phone or tablet?

You just need to deactivate the old license and activate it again using HWID of the new iPad.
You have 1 attempt of deactivation for commercial license in the Cabinet on the web-site (MY ACCOUNT section), but if you ran out of deactivation attempts please contact Support Team.

We can also reset your Site license, but you cannot do it in Cabinet yourself.

How to activate a license?

Activation means creation of the license file (.irl) with the help of the purchased activation key. After purchasing the license you receive the key which you will assign to the control panel (until the key is not assigned the control device is not defined).
This procedure is performed in the MY ACCOUNT section of the web site. All purchased keys should be added in the MY ACCOUNT section and then assigned to particular devices with the help of HWID/Serial Number.
The ready license file should be added in Transfer and uploaded to the control panel together with the visualization project. You can find more detailed information about the activation procedure here.

How to buy the license?

Buy licenses on the iRidium mobile web site
you are required to go through Full registration on the iRidium mobile web site as a company or freelancer engaged in the automation field to be able to buy iRidium products.

Buy licenses from iRidium distributors

to buy licenses contact the official iRidium distributor in your country.
See the list of distributors here

How much is iRidium? What does the user pay for?

All iRidium components are free.
Only license for control panels (Device License) or controllers (Site License - for AMX, Crestron, KNX IP BAOS) are sold.

You can create and set up a project without a license. But you need the license to communicate with your equipment.

License prices can be accessed only by the companies engaged in the Automation market.
You can see them after you go through Full Registration on the iRidium mobile web site (for integrators). Consumer prices can be requested from an iRidium distributor in your country.

Do licenses have a validity period?

Only free Trial licenses have a validity period (30 days).

Can I merge two Site or Device licenses?

You cannot merge Site licenses. But you can do it with Device licenses. To merge two Device licenses for different drivers you should activate two license activation keys indicating the same HWID. Download the second activated license file on your PC. It will contain two drivers licensed with the help of two different keys.

Are there any limits for the number of equipment controlled with the help of one iRidium license?

No, there aren't.
The number of the controlled equipment is not limited and depends only on the project functional.

How to get HWID

Read this article: HWID, Serial number.
HWID needed to activate the license for iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows/Mac device.

Как стать дистрибьютором?

Вам нравится Иридиум и вы хотите продвигать его в своей стране?
У вас хороший опыт в области автоматизации?
Свяжитесь с нами, и мы обсудим возможности сотрудничества

Can I use several Site licenses on one panel?

Only one Site license for one controller can be uploaded on one control panel with the one project.

But the Multi-design function iRidium enables upload of several projects on one control panel. For each of the project there is its Site license. The projects work independently but each of them can be activated from the current project by the command.

I bought a Device license for KNX. Can I use it to control Modbus too?

No, you can't. Buying a license for one of iRidium products you can control only the driver you indicated when purchasing the license (in this case - KNX). All other drivers cannot be controlled with the same license.

To receive the license which enables control both KNX and Modbus from one control panel you need to purchase activation keys for each of these products and activate them for one panel (using the same HWID). The license file created after activation of the second key will contain two supported drivers.
The second way is to purchase Full license which includes all iRidium drivers (besides HDL-BUS Pro).

Can I upload the project without a license?

Yes, you can. But there won't be any communication with equipment: you will not be able to send commands to controllers and receive feedback. The other functions (graphics, navigation, interface scripts) will work.

Do I need to update licenses when the app updates?

You don't need to update the licenses.
They are fully compatible. But in V2.1 identifiers of all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) changed. It will affect upload of new projects on iOS panels. See more information here.

How to pay

For the payment via the web site you can use:
Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, PayPal, WebMoney, American Express, JCB Card.

You are able to make purchases via the web site only after Full registration.

Documents provided at the license purchase

When paying with the credit card the documents are provided by our partner - Avangate payment system (http://www.avangate.com). If it is a wire transfer we provide a license agreement, delivery-acceptance act and an invoice.

What is the period you provide license activation keys in?

When the payment is made from the credit card the keys are sent within 24 hours. If it is a wire transfer, the keys are sent when the payment is received on the iRidium mobile account.

If the Full registration was disapproved

iRidium distributors can confirm the integrator status of your company. Contact an iRidium distributor in your country to clarify the situation and confirm the company status. Do not start the registration procedure if you don't have enough data for it. The forms which are not fully filled are disapproved and you can waste a few days.

"Wrong ID" (This code is wrong!) erron on licnese key activation

This error shows that you indicated the wrong unique panel identifier (HWID) or Serial Number of the controller you activate the license for.

Please see information about license activation and information about receiving identifiers one more time.

new HWID of PC on every start of app

HWID is a unique device identifier. It should not change. Otherwise your license will not work. If you have such a problem there can be several explanations:
  • you work on a virtual machine (Windows Emulator). Switch to the regular Windows based PC.
  •  you have hard disk RAID-array used on your PC. Deactivate it.