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OK, but who said that the developers have at least one extra day? )))

"Voting" does not mean - planned or under development. Seven votes - it's too little to allocate resources for this


Sorry, but we are not prepared to offer the schedule now - not part of the completed tests. We plan to release by the end of October.

Do you think that you want to disable merging all drivers? Without exception?

In some cases, you need to use two drivers with the same settings?

По соглашению с GC Cloud мы шифруем хранимые команды. Поэтому получение управляющей последовательности для send не поддерживается. Не совсем понятно, что подразумевается под "динамичным приложением" и откуда появилось требование про driver send. Вы же можете из скрипта обращаться к РАЗНЫМ драйверам с разным набором команд?

Theo! Yes, for the server it is quite logical to recommend the necessary software. According to statistics, Chrome - a browser number one, so we are doing tests on it. If does not work on Chrome - it's a bug, otherwise "we recommend using Chrome". You can use IE, Opera and Firefox etc., but we do not guarantee correct operation. Not now.

Theo, we recommend using Chrome, in which time setting does not cause errors. In the near future we will add the text of the recommended software on the server page