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If the panel is turned off, the system will "kill" the process and it will never respond to a command. Your script can now be realized by setting screen brightness to 0%, and when you receive a call smoothly raise the brightness to the previous value.

Вы работаете с i3 Pro, не с v2.2?? Проверили - метод работает. Как Вы создаете лист?

item.GetState(0).FillColor = 0xRRGGBBAA;

You can test this example, it is possible for all of your devices will work. Pay attention to the display UID with different iPad - we have some beacons were defined differently.

iBeacon Scanner.irpz iBeacon Module.irpz

Создание девайса:
IR.CreateDevice(IR.DEVICE_IRIDIUM_TCP, "Server", "", 30464);


We are currently testing this feature, because It does not work with all equipment.

Yes, we implemented the first version schedule and testing now.

It's weird, because it has been tested and works well. You have a stable internet connection? Native application successfully looking for a radio station?

Oh, I see! But we have a situation in the example are not considered to make a composite device (sonos + subwoofer). You may have to develop a solution for such an option.