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IR.Execute to send parameters

Jackie Roos 9 лет назад в iRidium Script / AV and Driver scripts обновлен Alessandro Munari 3 месяца назад 2

Philips Dynalite IP integration

Ofer Peleg Home Control 10 лет назад в Продукты / Other drivers обновлен office_iridiummobile ru (manager) 2 года назад 5

Connection between Beckhoff PLC I/O adress to Modbus adress

Michel Smeysters 8 лет назад в Продукты / Modbus обновлен Vasiliy Tatarinov 3 года назад 26
На рассмотрении

Telnet autorization

Ekaterina (head of support) 10 лет назад в iRidium Script / AV and Driver scripts обновлен Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 4 года назад 16

Sonos module

Oksana (expert) 9 лет назад в Готовые скриптовые модули обновлен Moe 5 лет назад 37

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Display video capture device when using Windows 10

Mike Slattery 8 лет назад в GUI Editor обновлен 8 лет назад 3

I need a method to display a video window from a video capture card without adding delay. The only way I can see how to do this now is to stream the video. It would be great if there was a setting to link a video window to capture device like there is in Window programs.

Does anyone know of a streaming program that can stream RTSP on a Windows PC without adding delay. The iRidium control will be running on the same PC.

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Request: Image property on Macro

Francesco Zangara 8 лет назад в GUI Editor обновлен Oksana (expert) 8 лет назад 1

I request to insert "Image" property of an object on Macro.

So if We have an variable with an URL then We can link it on property.

The variable value can change on time.

For example:

I write an script on iridium server that load an weather information and store a icon URL on a variable.

Next,in a panel, I use this variable for change the image loaded on a object.

Actualy I can use one script


IR.GetPage("Page").GetItem("Item").GetState(0).Image = IR.GetVariable("Driver.iRidium_Server.IconURL");


But is more easy use drag&drop.

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Project Tokens not saving when iRidium is not closed by normal user shutdown

Jackie Roos 8 лет назад в i2 Control V2.2 обновлен Oksana (expert) 8 лет назад 3

See attached project 1d_array_save_load_in_token.irpz

1. Run emulator for the first time and token data is 0,0

2. Change token data to 1,1. Close iRidium. Open iRidium. Token Data still 1,1 as expected

Image 10848

3. Run Emulator and Change token data to 2,2:

Image 10847

4. Open task manager and end task on i2 Control

5. Run emulator - Token data is 1,1 but should be 2,2.

Image 10848

This happens on PC's running i2 Control when the PC is restarted eg from Windows updates.

I asked iRidium to FIX this, but they tell me "This is not a bug, the client is configured so that it saves the tokens when the normal shutdown."

To me this is a DESIGN BUG that needs to be fixed to save project tokens when they are CHANGED

Please vote to get this fixed

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iRidium for Crestron webinar needed

Nikolay Rusanov 8 лет назад в Продукты / Other drivers обновлен Oksana (expert) 8 лет назад 1

No webinar for Crestron was ever recorded. I think we sure need one for 3.0

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Searching in iRidium Transfer

Adir 8 лет назад в Transfer обновлен Oksana (expert) 8 лет назад 1

must add serch tab for projects , i have over 100 projects and it's giving me a hard time to find one when i need to.


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