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feedback and invert feedback

jos 7 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 7 months ago 1

I have a project with a trigger button which triggers an KNX relay which is assigned normally closed. so if i send 1 the feedback will be 0 and vica versa. This gives a problem with the trigger button because it gets feedback 0 and so wants to send 1 but the relay already got 1 so does nothing and by another press it will send 0 and then the relay will change and gives feedback 1 and so on. I thought when if change feedback from channel to invert channel this would solve the problem, but this doesn't change anything. How do i solve this and what is the difference between feedback channel and invert channel ?

Not a bug

new XML possible bug

Kris 7 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 7 months ago 4


I am trying to fetch RSS weather data from BBC Weather - https://weather-broker-cdn.api.bbci.co.uk/en/observation/rss/2643743

I have written a code based on other topic on the forum: https://support.iridiummobile.net/communities/18/topics/13554-create-a-tv-guide-xmltv and I came across the same problem with new XML returning null.

This is my code:


var BBCWRSS = {};
    {Host: "weather-broker-cdn.api.bbci.co.uk",
        Port: 80,
        SSL: false,
        ScriptMode: IR.DIRECT_AND_SCRIPT,
        SendCommandAttempts: 0,
        ConnectWaitTimeMax: 3000,
        ReceiveWaitTimeMax: 5000
BBCWRSS.request = function (in_callback){
            Type: "GET",
            Url: "/en/observation/rss/2643743",
            cbReceiveText: function (text, code, headers) {
                if (code != 200) return;
                var resp = new XML(text);
                IR.Log("RESPONSE TEXT:" +text);
                IR.Log("RESPONSE CODE:" +code);
                IR.Log("RESPONSE HEADERS:" +JSON.Stringify(headers));
                IR.Log("RESPONSE RESP XML:" +resp);
                //BUG: new XML returns null

Can anyone advise on this?



Modbus TCP IP Slave

Alessandro Munari 7 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 months ago 2

Hello, i need help to setup the iridium UMC server as Modbus TCP SLAVE device. I'm not able to find any documentation on this. 

How I can setup the parameters in the driver configuration ?

How I have to create the feedback and command channels ?

Do you have documentationa or example on this ?


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8x JS scripts crashing iRidium Server on Raspberry Pi

Iain Brew 8 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 7 months ago 2

I have an iRidium Server project which connects to 4x Global Cache IP2SL connected to Extron SMP111 video recording devices. I have two scripts - one to query the recording timecode every second and the other to query the recording state (initialising, recording, pause, stopping). In total there are 8x scripts querying every 1000ms. This works well but after a few minutes the server locks up and restarts. I am guessing it's due to 8 simultaneously commands happening, or perhaps because i'm getting two feedbacks from one driver simultaneously. 

One thought to solve this is to stagger the reqesust i.e. have one requesting every 500ms, the other at 501ms so that the there is only one response coming in at a time from one driver (or potentially staggering all so that there is only one feedback at any one time). 

Is there more a clever way of doing this?

My terrible attempt at JavaScript > here 


JSON.Stringify drops values

Kris 9 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 7 months ago 4


I want to use JSON.Stringify for later data transmission to the panel.

My data is an object of nested arrays of objects. For problem description however, I will use simpler data as the result is the same:

var defs = ["One","Two"];

var testObj = {





var defs is a 'template' array with which I populate the object.

Then I Stringify it:

var TSTR = JSON.Stringify(testObj);

IR.Log("TSTR JSON String:");


Here is the problem - the output is:


{"Z1_1":[["One", "Two"], {}], "Z1_2":[{}, {}], "Z2_1":[{}, {}]}

Apparently JSON.Stringify drops out simmilar data in following arrays.

Accordingly, testing the same code in VS Code, the output is correct:



If I use different arrays declarations for each object property (i.e. defs1, defs2, defs3 etc.) the output will be correct. Unfortunately I cannot do that as the aim is to dynamically add more properties to testObj with the same template array,

Can you please advice on this - is there any workaround this? Is there something I am missing? Or is this a bug or limitation in iRidium?

I am looking forward to see the solution!


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Is there a script command for turning on DISABLE AUTO LOCK option?

Luka 9 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 9 months ago 1

I know there is an option for this in the System menu but that option is not reliable. Because of that i would like to add a command in the script so that at every start this option would be turned on.

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Error Delay Iridium

dungVN 10 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 6 months ago 1

I am working on a project using iridium pro software, knx schneider. There is an error I am making:

Software iridium when running the simulation, when I impact on the object such as: turn on the light, open, close curtains But the system has to wait 2 minutes to execute the command: light on, curtain opening and closing.

But when I directly affected the object value (light on and off, curtains opened and closed) on the central control unit (homelinks), the maximum effect was to change the value immediately (lights on, off, blinds closed, open )

My iridium file is too large to upload here 

Does anyone know this error?file iridium pro


File iridium pro


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iRidium server on Raspberry Pi - multiple VLAN control?

Iain Brew 1 year ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 4 months ago 5

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 running iRidium Server. Current setup is:





I have a collection of DANTE devices which I would like to segregate on to VLAN 4. Two of these devices have a single physical ethernet port, but two virtual interfaces with two MAC addresses (Shure MXA910 DANTE microphone). I understand that I could 'tag' the interface of the Raspberry Pi for both VLAN 1 and VLAN 4, but iRidium Server can only send commands on the first interface it sees. 

The DANTE microphone is:



Gateway: none


Is there a clever way of allowing iRidium Server to control devices across more than one VLAN?

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Проблема с GetDevice для панельной части после создания серверного проекта

project 1 year ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 1 year ago 1

Добрый день.

Для панельного проекта написан скрипт:

var d1int = 0;

var d1perm = 0;

//Реле 1 (главный вход)

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_ITEM_PRESS, IR.GetItem("MainPage").GetItem("Door1perm"), function ()


d1perm = IR.GetItem("MainPage").GetItem("Door1perm").Value;



IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_ITEM_PRESS, IR.GetItem("MainPage").GetItem("Door1"), function ()


if(IR.GetItem("MainPage").GetItem("Door1").Value == 0){IR.ClearInterval(d1int);}

if(IR.GetItem("MainPage").GetItem("Door1perm").Value == 0 && d1perm == 1){d1perm = 0;}

d1int = IR.SetTimeout(2000, function()


if(d1perm == 0){IR.GetDevice("KNX").Set("Rele1",0);}



Без серверное части скрипт работал. После создания серверной части и развёртки проекта в виде "панель+сервер" (сервер софтварный, установлен на ПК) строка if(d1perm == 0){IR.GetDevice("KNX").Set("Rele1",0);} стала выдавать ошибку Script exception: TypeError: .... RelayDelay.js:20: Tried to use null as an object.

IR.Log(IR.GetDevice("KNX")) выдаёт null. Команды по нажатию на кнопки (включение/выключение реле на актуаторе) выполняются: реле переключается. Проблема в скрипте или что-то не так настроено в серверной части? Просьба помочь с проблемой (файлы проекта - в приложении).

Project 2 (Panel).irpz
Project 2 (Server).sirpz

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Make public

Andreas-P 1 year ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 1 year ago 1

Every time I’m opening the i3 lite app, make public (synchronization of project with server) pop up. 
Sometimes I need to do this 1-3times before it disappears. And when I use the app some hours later, the same problem comes again.