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Device for home ddns

Barry Jones 2 months ago in Other • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 2 months ago 4

hi guys looking for a network switch or router or device that has a ddns built in for connecting to my home network over the internet, ie like having its own no-ip server built into the device or switch or router, that is on my home network and then I’m able to log in thu the device to Accsess my network. This way I don’t have to set up an outside ddns service. has anyone here’d of this 


Panel limit exceeded

Francesco Zangara 2 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 2 months ago 7

Hi All,

our client have an developer account with an advance licence.

he have 3 panel signed in and now he must connect another but i3Pro show the message "Panel limit for i3 pro (2) is exceeded". Why? With advance licence, it not have the limit of 10 panel?


Connect to google sheet !

Thọ Thiện Đào 3 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 2 months ago 5

Hi guy,

can i connect to my google datasheets ? I want to control value on via google sheets. 

Example: value in a sheet chang and value in irridium sever change together.


[Studio] Select graphic status on item with a threshold

Francesco Zangara 3 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 2 months ago 2

Good day,

I have an 1byte knx object feedback for fancoil speed.

I need create an item that stay on graphich state 0 when feedback is <20 (fancoil is OFF) and switch on graphic state 1 when feedback is >=20 (fancoil is ON and i need show the state of speed in percent).

Can I create an item with this functionality without script?

feedback < 20 then State 0 (Text property is "OFF")

feedback >= 20 then State 1 (Text property is "$V%")

Under review

How can I configure the server for a project?

Luana 4 months ago in Other • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 3 months ago 20

I have succesfully made a project and my client liked it very much, but now he want's to have acess to his project from anywhere. 

How do I configure a server to his project so he can acess the commands from external connections? 


Windows i3 Pro App

Mike Slattery 4 months ago in Tips and Tricks • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 3 months ago 1

It would be great if the there could be two builds of the i3 Pro app for Widows:

One that is for the user that only has the Client, Transfer and Shortcuts. This should be a much smaller file and take a lot less time to download.

The other is only available to Integrators that has everything.   


Hallo It is posible change licence from iridium V2.2 to iridium pro or lite ?

branislav.juris 4 months ago in Other / i2 control • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 4 months ago 1
Waiting for user's reply

Zwave fibaro Madule

Avaneesh Pathak 4 months ago in Modules • updated by Ilya Markov (expert) 3 months ago 19

Dear Team


First of all , thank you very much for help on different  module and technology .

Here ,I'm writing for Zwave Fibaro  JS Module which is available on website .

I'm a system integrator of KNX and z-wave ,where I want to use iridium for its advanced capabilities and GUI.

I tried with readymade driver , its work very fine .

1:- In this module  , the the device id is programed in setup JavaScript and according the property of the device , the popup came  but how can I program it for a real home eg. let say a home with 4 bedroom and one living .

In living  I have installed 4 switching  actuator (id-12,13,14,15) ,1 Dimming(id -16) , 2 Curtain(id -18,19) ,1 RGB(id -20,21,22) and so on with master room ,Kids room , parents room,and guset room (4  S/W, 2Dim ,2 Curatin , 1RGB In each room) .

Now I want to give the client a proper GUI like iOS Style (Black edition) or iOS Style for Smart Home  or Slide (available for download On website ) with real-time feedback .How can I do that with zwave fibaro module .

Please help me to do this task ,if any example with fibro system with this type of control, you can provide its very useful for  me .

I want to give client a proper solution with Iridium with unlimited possibilities which is not possible with fibaro  application

Hope I make my self clear with the desire , feel free to ask if any question .

Eagerly waiting for positive reply



RTSP Camera access

Rafael Pierozzi 4 months ago in Modules • updated by Ilya Markov (expert) 3 months ago 9


I'm having some trouble to view camera image from a HDVR system. Its a h264 with rtsp equipment. I can see image through link rtsp://admin@ using VLC software but Iridium is not displaying the image from it.

I configured dynamic image like this:

I tried using iridium pro v1.2.4.19762 and Iridium mobile v2.2 and both not show anything