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raspberry pi home assistant control

Barry Jones 11 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 11 months ago 5

does the raspberry pi zwave driver work with raspberry pi home assistant. and if not is there a driver to control things on home assistant. ie zwave, alarm stuff and more


XBMC/Kodi JS not connecting

Rafael Pierozzi 11 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 10 months ago 17


I'm having some problem when using XBMC JS with KODI devices.

I imported JS modude to a metrohouse GUI but when try to connect it does not connect, just keep trying.

Sometimes it shows a screen asking to try again, sometimes it appears the green aside the kodi name, sometimes red.

Log only shows:

[19-04-2017 17:16:00.833] INFO CORE *** The client started to work ***

[19-04-2017 17:18:20.350] INFO SCRIPT === TestConnect 8080

[19-04-2017 17:18:20.476] INFO SCRIPT === TestConnect 8080

[19-04-2017 17:26:40.407] INFO SCRIPT === TestConnect 8080

[19-04-2017 17:26:45.194] INFO SCRIPT === TestConnect 8080

[19-04-2017 17:26:45.313] INFO SCRIPT === TestConnect 8080

[19-04-2017 17:26:53.075] INFO SCRIPT === TestConnect 8080

Devices tried:

1 - Kodi 16.1 - Windows 7

2 - Kodi 16 - Raspberry pi Openelec

3 - Kodi 17 - Android tablet

4 - Kodi 17 - Macbook pro OSX 10.12.4

If anyone has faced some difficulties like this please share the solution for this issue.




Auto-update doesn't work

Vladimir Bykov 11 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 11 months ago 2

You released new version 1.1.4, but my Studio doesn't detect it. Could you tell me why?


Good morning, I would like to know how to do to be able to turn on some light with the schedule of some page, "Yahoo", and I update daily, from now thank you !!!

Christian 12 months ago • updated 6 months ago 2

Good morning, I would like to know how to do to be able to turn on some light with the schedule of some page, "Yahoo", and I update daily, from now thank you !!!



Benno Evers 12 months ago 0

This seems only to work with EVENT_ITEM_PRESS and EVENT_ITEM_RELEASE, please add the other possible events too.




Benno Evers 12 months ago • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 8 months ago 4


I noticed this event isn't supported in i3pro. Please add it so we can handle things when the user puts the app in background, or even terminates it.


Does iridium work with EBC & Bacnet Protocol?

Punith 12 months ago • updated 12 months ago 4

We are using trane air conditioning in bacnet protacol & Lighting , shades & Curtain in EBC protocol, Can you please provide you valuable information about my needed,

We want to work both protocol in one application.

Is it possible.

Thanks in advance


IP Camera with Internet

khaldi 12 months ago • updated by Andrey S 12 months ago 1

We have LG IP Cameras added successfully to i3 pro and we can see these camera from inside house network, but once we use internet connection using gate we can control HDL devices but we cannot see the cameras...

so what is the right way to make the cameras on the internet working


Интеграция с СКУД

Игорь Шикин 1 year ago • updated by Олег Гридунов 7 months ago 2

Добрый день!

Интересует возможна ли интеграция с системами скуд, например фирмы Сфинкс в таком объеме, чтобы из Иридиум в т.ч. отправлять текстовую информацию на сервер с по скуд. Двусторонний обмен. Нужно для больницы реализовать систему мониторинга и предоставления доступа таким образом, чтобы несколько операторов могли видеть статус плсещения, фио кто занял и т.д. плюс предлставлять доступ выдачей карты для нового посетителя. Общались с несколькими производителями скуд - все посылают к партнерам для создания некого софта для решения нашей задачи. Надеюсь на ответ, спасибо.


Several servers, one control panel

Vladimir Bykov 1 year ago • updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 1 year ago 2


is it possible to connect one control panel to the several servers, as it implements on the scheme.

How many licenses AV&CD we will need in this case?