If Android keyboard doesn't work

If you have a problem with android keyboard when put the password in system menu (keyboard doesnt work correctly) and can not insert password (2007) or any character:
  • set up the original keyboard
  • turn off the voice input
  • turn off the swipe input

What Android devices has iRidium been tested on?

iRidium supports Android based smart-phones and tablet PCs beginning with Android 2.3 and higher. But we cannot guarantee its work on all devices as Android is an open OS and manufactures of Android devices can make changes which are not compatible with iRidium work. . We recommend to test how iRidium works on the selected panel by launching a sample GUI on it.

Please see the list of devices tested by our customers:

[ ! ] Lab tests of iRidium for Android were made on such devices as HTC Sensation and HTC Incredible S (UDP transport on HTC drain firmware does not work which causes inoperability of the "Search" function and forced project update for this smartphone in Transfer. The update is possible after restarting the application.). The testing cannot guarantee 100% work of your project in the similar Android device due to the possible differences in the firmware and project functional.

i2 Control for Android is crashing...

If it happens, take a look at the [ JS ] window in your project.
Save to file and try to remove all the scripts in the project and start the app again.
If the app doesn't crashes anymore the problem is in the Scripts. Maybe it is some syntax error there.
You can use the Debugging to find a problem.

If you cannot solve it yourself, please contact to support team