How to Update iRidium v2.2.2 to v2.2.3 Using the Built-in Update System

According to security rules for Windows 7 and 8, UAC forbids writing and editing files in C:\Program Files if you do not have Administrator rights.

How to update iRidium v2.2.1 to v2.2.3 using the built-in update system:

1. If you see the "Updating" window you have to click Cancel and close iRidium GUI Editor.

Image 8082

2. Select "Run as Administrator" in the right-click menu and start iRidium GUI Editor again.

Image 8028

3. Click OK in the Updating window. Wait until the application upload and installation are finished.

What will happen if I click OK to start iRidium GUI Editor WITHOUT Administrator rights?

You will see that the update is uploaded (instead of ОК the update upload will be shown in percentage terms), but the editor will not be updated. After the editor is reloaded its version will stay the same:
When trying to get the updates again (Help/Update Editor) you will see the window showing that you have the latest application version installed.

Image 8029

How should I update iRidium if it happened?

You have to download the setup iRidium v2.2.3 from our web site and install it.