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specific data stored/saved into in each client application

Christophe MATHEY 5 years ago in Ideas updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 5 years ago 6

for example, specific parameters for each panel/user and saved by each panel/user.


Bacnet in Iridium Lite

David Lagos 5 years ago in Ideas updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 5 years ago 1

Dear Iridium Support Team

I think that Iridium Lite is a good product, its configuration is faster and simpler than configuration of Iridium Pro. However, Iridium Lite does not have a Bacnet module.

If you will add a Bacnet module in Irdium Lite then integration with Bacnet Systems will be easy.

Do you plan to develop Bacnet module for Iridium Lite?


Control4 Compatibility

Matteo Manica 5 years ago in Ideas updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 5 years ago 1

Hi, in the future there is a plan for make iRidium compatible with Control4 system?

Kind Regards

Under review

Volume level - Serial rs-232

Christine Bizarello 6 years ago in Ideas updated by Iain Brew 2 years ago 7

I have a project for AV automation and I'm using a global cache driver to control the device trough rs-232 port.

My device has the command "<11VOxx0x0D" to control the volume, where the 'xx' is the level of volume that goes from 00 to 38.

I need to create a level that controls this volume without the need of the creation  of 38 buttons for it. Can anyone help me?


Вставка иконок в кнопки

Умед 3 years ago in Ideas updated by Arina Kiselyova 3 years ago 2

Заметил такой баг или не баг, но крайне не удобно. Когда я перетаскиваю иконку на кнопку, то она вставляется в ту кнопку, которая выделена, а не в ту, на которую я ее перетаскивал. Очень неудобно и усложняет процесс, каждый раз надо выбирать нужную кнопку. Раньше было намного удобнее