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Matrix builder

Iain Brew 1 year ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated by Andrey S 12 months ago 4

I recently worked on a project with 18 inputs, 16 outputs which follows a simple command structure syntax (r x y) x = input, y = output. I manually had to create 288 commands - time consuming! Could there be a tool made where you could import a CSV file (i.e. command name, data) or a tool to build a sequence of commands for matrixes?


Help with HTTP syntax

Iain Brew 1 year ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated 1 year ago 4

I have a recording device which uses HTTP strings to start and stop recording. I have read through the documentation, but still can't get the recording device to trigger from iRidium.

Here is an example of a code:


How should I be breaking this up in custom HTTP driver so it will work? I don't understand the split between URI/Data field etc



Hi Ian

Attached is a working sample project that gets the time

Time http.irpz

Not a bug

Stop IR not working

Maurits Roos 1 year ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated by Oksana (expert) 12 months ago 4

I have converted projects from i2 to i3 and stop ir in global Cache driver dose nit work in i3

I have created new project put a button it with Clobal cache drive put a command on it on hold increased the repeat count and put a stop ir on release

Stop Ir does not work can you fix please


how to connect matrix switcher with iridium mobile

feri setiawan 1 year ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 1 year ago 5

Hello i have matrix switcher type VP-84ETH brand KRAMER and then i want the matrix switcher can control use iridium mobile...Do you have template iridium for control matrix swicther on iridium mobile?


Include Files with iRidium

Jackie Roos 1 year ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 1 year ago 5

I have come across an COM integration that requires the inclusion of either

- a dll

- or a c *.h & *.cpp files

Please add the ability to include files into the distribution

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End users setup page

Selman Peskir 2 years ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 2 years ago 1

I want to do a setup page for the end user. Be able to create a new room and be able to create a new button in this room and be able to give their names . I do not know how to do it



ведуться якісь небуть розробки драйвера для підсилювачів yamacha?


IR.EVENT_RECEIVE_TEXT receiving hex > 0x80

Mike Slattery 2 years ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 2 years ago 2

Is there a reason why numbers that are > 0x80 are received as 0 when using IR.EVENT_RECEIVE_TEXT? Is there a driver configuration that allows all hex data to be received.I need to setup a telnet session and have to parse through data like "\xFF \xFD\x18". If I use EVENT_RECEIVE_DATA, then I have problems parsing ASCII data.


Hi Mkie

Probably as you are getting into the extended ascii characters (http://ascii-code.com/), and it depends on what is on your machine if they are the latin ones or not

I suggest using receive_data, and convert from the decimal to hex using something like this:

      IR.Log("Receive Raw Data: " + data);
      // Data received: 
      for (var i=0;  i < data.length; i++){
            data[i] = this.dec2hex(data[i]).toString();                            
      } //for 
      //Converted data:
      IR.Log("Receive Converted Data: " + data);

The following may come in handy:

// Data Conversion Routines \\
var convertBase = function (num) {
this.from = function (baseFrom) {
this.to = function (baseTo) {
return parseInt(num, baseFrom).toString(baseTo).toUpperCase();
return this;
return this;
// binary to decimal
this.bin2dec = function (num) {
return convertBase(num).from(2).to(10);
// binary to hexadecimal
this.bin2hex = function (num) {
return convertBase(num).from(2).to(16);
// decimal to binary
this.dec2bin = function (num) {
return convertBase(num).from(10).to(2);
// decimal to hexadecimal
this.dec2hex = function (num) {
return convertBase(num).from(10).to(16);
// hexadecimal to binary
this.hex2bin = function (num) {
return convertBase(num).from(16).to(2);
// hexadecimal to decimal
this.hex2dec = function (num) {
return convertBase(num).from(16).to(10);
//**************************************************\\ // converts an array of hex or decimal to the \\ // the ASCII code \\ // eg 75 Decimal = K \\ //**************************************************\\ this.NumToChar = function(tmp) {
var arr = tmp;
var str = '';
var c;
for (var i=0; i<arr.length; i++) {
if (arr[i] != 0) {
c = String.fromCharCode(arr[i]);
str += c;
return str;
} //**************************************************\\ // Formats eg FF into 0xFF \\ //**************************************************\\ this.FormatToHex = function(hx){
hx = '0x' + String('0' + hx).slice(-2);
return hx;
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event driven feedback to subscribe for

andrey.senik 2 years ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated 2 years ago 2

Hi Community

I'm making a wrapper to arrange array of identical custom AV drivers.Wrapper is needed to route channels and feedbacks to signle GUI controls that dinamicaly get linked to certain instance of AV driver.

I easily can deliver channel messages to required AV driver instance by IR.GetDevice("device name").Set(name, value) API command. But I can't find how to subscribe for feedback driven by change of AV driver instance's feedback.

I can use method IR.GetDevice("MyDevice").GetFeedback("MyFeedbackChannel") and loop for updating, but prefer to use event driven model.
Looked throug I found IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_TAG_CHANGE, IR.GetDevice(Device_Name), function(name, value) but it doesn't work for feedback tags.

Please advise for event driven feedback subscription?