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Custom value to text function

Dennis Piet 4 jaar geleden in Ideas bijgewerkt door Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 4 jaar geleden 9

In Iridium Studio there are some output templates to automatically convert value to text.

There is $V to show integer value, there is $F to show a float.

But what if we need some other conversion from equipment output to human readable labels?

Is there a way to let a custom function do this for us?  I think there is something like this in Iridium server, called script modifier, but how about in a panel-project?

Example usage:

In my project I have a modbus driver that provides 12 tags that read times in minutes.

These times have to be displayed on various pages on the panel in human readable form:

i.e. 5 = 00:05  and 1439 = 23:59

So, since I could not find the automatic conversion from value to text in label properties, I now have to do in JS script for all 12 time-values:

// Tag listener

IR.SetGlobalListener(IR.EVENT_GLOBAL_TAG_CHANGE, function(name, value)


function minutes2Time(minutes){

IR.Log("Minutes: " + minutes);

var l_date = new Date(0,0,0,0,minutes);


return ("0" + l_date.getHours()).slice(-2) +

":" + ("0" + l_date.getMinutes()).slice(-2);


IR.SetVariable("Tokens.Time1 Text",

minutes2Time(IR.GetVariable("Drivers.WAGO Main PLC.Time1")));


IR.SetVariable("Tokens.Time12 Text",

minutes2Time(IR.GetVariable("Drivers.WAGO Main PLC.Time12")));


// Subscribe

IR.SubscribeTagChange("Drivers.WAGO Main PLC.Time1");


IR.SubscribeTagChange("Drivers.WAGO Main PLC.Time12");

// script end.

I would rather just drag the drive tag to the label I want to display it in. And then in the label properties specifiy my minutes2Time function to handle the conversion from value to text. 

Under review

UMC Server: how to share a folder over network

Alessandro Munari 4 jaar geleden in Ideas bijgewerkt door Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 4 jaar geleden 5

Hi , I would like to share a specific folder of the UMC server over the network.

The scope is to expose the userDB folder over the network, and use an external tool to build graphics. Instead of copyng the User.db file every single time.

Is there any possiblity ? Can you suggest how to do that ?


Under review

ping device

Alessandro Munari 5 jaar geleden in Ideas bijgewerkt door Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 5 jaar geleden 1

Hello, is it possible to ping an IP device to check if it is alive or not ?

Let's say that we have a IP Router and I would like to check if is still alive. 

If I send a ping command, and the router replay, this means that is alive.

Then If the router is not alive, I will use a controlled relay to switch off and on again to reboot.


embedded webpage I-frame

Kenny Stoepel 5 jaar geleden in Ideas bijgewerkt door Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 5 jaar geleden 1

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if you have ever considerd of having an embedded webpage component in I3 Pro ( an html I-frame like control)? I'm not talking about the link to open a browser window next to iRi, but native support inside iRi. 

Personally i feel this could be a nice addition to the software.It could open up a whole new window of opportunities and possibilities but also speed up time of development.For Example: if you could re-use exiting web-dashboards rather then having to recreate them from scratch whilst still remaining in iRi as a "single app" enviroment .

would this be at all possible? 

Under review

i3 lite control

Yeliz Tarhan 5 jaar geleden in Ideas bijgewerkt door Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 5 jaar geleden 1


Can the Client control the computer?

How does he do it? 

Getting i3 lite and pro licenses different?


Memory expansion UMC

Alessandro Munari 5 jaar geleden in Ideas bijgewerkt door Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 5 jaar geleden 1

Continuing the previous topic of Memory expansion on UMS server ....

I know that when I select from the studio which variable to store it goes directly in the Iridium database. How can I choose in wich database to store the variable ?

I need to create script for that ? 

I think it will be good to add the popssibility to choose in wich directory to store the db file, and also allow, from the web server interface to select an USB or NETWORK path ... 

Don't you think is a good idea. The memory of UMC is very limited, but it can be expanded with USB drive or NETwork path (FTP, i.e) ...


UMC memory expansion for database file

Alessandro Munari 5 jaar geleden in Ideas bijgewerkt door Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 5 jaar geleden 10

Hi, I noticed that the UMC server has a USB port. Is there any possibily to use this port to store the Server database ?

Maybe it requires some changes on server to select in wich path to store the database file.

If I use a 30Gb USB memory drive, I can store very large ammount of data into the UMC server.

Is there any possibilities ?


Using Philips Hue Dimmer Switch to send commands in a project

Iain Brew 6 jaar geleden in Ideas 0

I am curious if anyone has successfully implemented the following. I have a Philips Hue bridge and a Philips Dimmer Switch. This switch has four buttons on it which send commands to the bridge to then trigger lighting presets etc. The Hue system has an open API which allows you to query what button has been pressed on the dimmer switch. 

Effectively, instead of having the dimmer switch buttons controlling a light, I want to read its status (feedback) and have it send a command to a driver instead. For example:

Press Dimmer Switch 1 = send command 'x' to driver 'y'

Press Dimmer Switch 2 = send command 'a' to driver 'b' and send number '8' to token 'z'

and so on...

If anyone has any examples of this working or could advise a cleaner solution for inexpensive wall mountable buttons to trigger feedbacks I would be very appreciative!


Copy of iridium lite project

enw matt 6 jaar geleden in Ideas bijgewerkt door Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 6 jaar geleden 1

Hi we have many similar projects and created a templat iridium lite project with licence.

We would like to use this project as a template for new projects to minimise work, the copy would automatically be a trial version which would then require the purchase of a license.

Can this be done?


Import a website to iridium application

Mantas Jasiulis 6 jaar geleden in Ideas bijgewerkt door Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 6 jaar geleden 6


I want to import a scheduler from my logicmachine to iridium app so that the end user can modify the time intervals. Is it possible to access website from iridium? I have a direct link to the scheduler so I just need to somehow open it from iridium.